To activate return of call

He follows the instructions next to activate the return of call.

1. enters the publisher

2. It selects creative icon (in the form of rompecabeza piece).

3. It selects to section contact.

4. It selects return of call and it drags widget towards his website.

5. It gives to click on the icon return of call.

6. It selects to add number of telephone.

7. The key of your city + adds your phone number with the key of your country + the number of your telephone and selects button             to add númerto telephone.

8. A code would be sent to your telephone add it in the section verification code and later it selects button to confirm.

9. It publishes the changes.

Ready now podras to receive notifications directly to your mobile phone by your visitors so that you can communicate with them to the hour that better is facilitated to them.