The program of Affiliates of AdvanceDigg

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The program of Affiliates of AdvanceDigg
AdvanceDigg offers a system to you of Affiliates is transparent that it will generate commissions to you of by life. It will be applied to all the clients who contract products in AdvanceDigg through you. Usually it notices that we offer diverse services to our clients. Not only you will make money selling plans of lodging and domains, also it you will be able to make with any other service as hosting cPanel, massive services of mail, post office and promotion of website.
We offer a 30% commission on all the benefits generated by your referred clients the first year to you, and soon 10% the following years.
Through Paypal or a deposit to your AdvanceDigg purse.
Any person who can offer the AdvanceDigg services to an ample group of businesses.

In order to participate, you can simply register to you or enter to and apply to our program of affiliates.

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