To add button connection

In order to do that when giving click in a button in your webpage you are direccionado to another page, please, he follows the instructions.

1. enters the publisher

2. It drags widgen button to its website 

3. It gives click on the inserted button

4. Of click on the icon in the form of pencil (to publish).

5. It selects the type of connection:

  • External: when the connection is directed to a page different from those from the website.
  • Page of the site: When the connection is directed to some of the pages created in your website.
  • Emergent window: When you wish to redirigir to one of your pages on watch.

Note: In this case we will select Pages of the site.

6. It selects the page to which you bound the button.

7. It gives click in button to keep.

Ready now ah added a connection to your button.