To add connection to image

In order to add to a connection to an image debera to follow the instructions next.

1. enters the publisher.

2. It gives click on the image in which you wish to add the connection.

3. It selects the option connects.

4. It selects the icon connects.

5. It selects €œpages of the site€ (for users that you wish to connect its image to another page created within the site).

Note: It only selects external in case you want to connect your image to an external page to your website.

6. It selects the page to where you wish to connect the image (in this example we selected Courses).

7. It selects €œto open in a new window€ (only in case you wish that your connection is opened in a window different from the one from your website).

8. It gives click in the button €œto keep€.

Ready now your image works as I tie to another page.