To add options to the product

You can form this option when you need to indicate different prices for a same product for example:

    - To indicate price by sizes.

    - To indicate price by colors.

    - To indicate different prices by size.

    - To indicate different prices by brands or models.

    - To indicate price by weight.

It follows the instructions next to add these options to your product.

1. enters the publisher

2. It gives click in the product to which you wish to add this option to him.

3. It selects + to add option.

4. It adds name of the option.  

5. It adds the value of the option.   

6. It adds cago additional that cost to him to the client in case of buying.

7. It gives click outside the form.

8. It gives click in returning.

9. It publishes changes.

Ready there are options to your product.

When your clients enter your website and give click in buying a product podran to see a window as the following one, when giving click in choosing podran to select between size, weight, type, model, color, brand according to you find formed your product.