To add archives in website

In order to add one or several archives to your website which prodran to be unloaded by your visitors you can follow the instructions next.

Note: You can raise archives with a maximum weight of 30MEGABYTE.

1. It enters the publisher.

2. File (it is located in the Average section) to your website drags widget.

3. It gives click on the file icon.

4. It gives click in Changing (to add a file from your computer).

5. To select the file.

6. It adds name and description to the file.

7. It publishes changes.

Ready, now the visitors of your website will be able to unload your archives.

Formats that €œFile€ supports widget
Text files Images Other formats
.plain, .rtf         .vnd, .djvu, .png, .jpg /jpeg, .gif, .tiff,         .x-icon, .bmp, .x-bmp, .x-ms-bmp . *ms-excel. *openxmlformats*. *opendocument*, .msword, .pdf, .zip,    .x-RAR, to.x-tar, x-gzip