To add filters in mail account

The filters are of much help mainly when you begin to receive much mail nonwished (SPAM) in your inbox, with the help of the filters you can decide that post office you receive in your inbox as well as that post office you send to your folder of Spam or which post office are eliminated.

In order to add a filter to your account of mail please it follows the instructions. 

1.Inicia session in

2.Selección configuration.

3. It selects Filters.

4. In the column of filters it selects icon to add filter.

5.Añade name of the filter.

6. It selects the subject.

7. It selects to the value of the content click in button €œcontains€.

8. It adds the word   that they deberan to have the messages that you do not wish to receive

9. It selects to move messages a (elije that you wish that they happen to the messages that do not fulfill the filter).

10. It gives to click in entrance and selection to where you wish to redirigir the messages.

11. It selects to keep.

Ready you have created a filter for the messages nonwished.