To add pull-down menu

He learns as making a pull-down menu of simple way with our publisher MEX.TL, please follows the instructions next.

1. enters the publisher

2. It gives click on the horizontal menu.


3. It selects the page that you indexed to the pull-down menu.

Note: As example I select the page of new features.


4. It gives click on the icon in the form of gear.


5. It gives click in Page by root.


6. It selects the page to which you wish to index the pull-down menu.

Note: In our example we had selected New features (It sees step 4), in this step we selected Services, this way in the menu superior when DES click in Services appears a pull-down menu with the option of New features.


7. It gives click of your screen anywhere.

8. It gives click in Returning

Note: In this image one visualizes as New features were indexed to Services.


9.Da click in icon to publish changes


10. You can enter your website, when you position to you on the page that indexed you will be able to visualize the pull-down menu.


Ready you have created a pull-down menu in your website.