To add tracks from music to your website

In order to add tracks of music in his website you must have a SoundCloud account, follows the instructions to discharge from the hospital an account and power to add music to your website.

1- It enters to

2- It selects Creates account to you

3- You can be registered using your account of Facebook or your account of Gmail or it adds email address, and it selects button continues.

4- It adds password, age, it accepts terms and conditions finally it selects to continue.

5- It adds to track or name of author and selects icon search.

6- It gives click on the title page of the album.

7- It copies the URL that will be in the bar of directions.

8- enters the publisher.

9- It drags the Widget Soundcloud to your website.

10- It gives click on the icon of SoundCloud.

11- It sticks the URL that you copied of SoundClound.

12- Guard changes.

Ready, now each visitor in your website podra to reproduce the song that you have added.