To add a Favicon to your Mex.TL website

Favicon, (icon of favorites) would help you to personalize and to give him but identity to your website, favicon is a small image associated to a page or website in specific.

Favicon Pagina.MX

In order to be able to add a Favicon it is necessary to count a Premium lodging, at the moment the lodging free does not have qualified this function.
If accounts with a Premium lodging and you already wish to add a Favicon in your website please follows the instructions.

1. It initiates session in Pagina.MX
2. It gives click in the following connection To enter my websites
3. It gives click in forming

4. It gives click in But

5. It selects To form favicon


6. There are click on the symbol


Note: As one is in the image is important that the image that you try to raise is in format JPG or png and their maximum size is of 100KB

7. It selects the image that you wish to add as Favicon 

One that you find aggregate your Favicon will appear the message €œCongratulations your successfully added Favicon to€.

Listor now you can begin to visualize your Favicon in your website.