To add several locations in contact map

He is of extreme importance that when designing a website also adds the direction of where their clients can physically go, sometimes are businesses or companies that you have but of a branch, for it the one that your clients know where are all directions helped them to arrive but fast at the near place but, to add but of a location within the map please she follows the instructions.

1. He enters the publisher in line.

2. He gives click in the menu Contacts to us.


3.Da click on the location map.


4. It gives click in Adding map marker.


5.Añade coordinates of the direction or location (Example: Av independence Luis Ayala Corner).

6.Agrega text in the marked ones of the map (Branch 2).

7. Example adds a description of your location (: Av independence Luis Ayala Corner #101-B fifth floor).


8. It gives click on some section of the screen.

9. It gives click in the icon to publish changes.


Ready you have added but of a direction of the location map, it will be possible to be visualized in your website of the following way, is possible to emphasize that you can include so many locations as you wish.