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Are Your employees using Gmail/Hotmail?

By Johan the 17 Nov 2015 in the News
Gmail/Hotmail is excellent services, free offers much space in disc and that of way. The businessmen use them very followed for their business. Unfortunately they do not realize negative effect that can generate that practice for its company. First, the image of its company. To use a service of e-mail free for a business denotes generally for clients one fa€¦
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The USA your external domain with!

By Johan the 12 Nov 2015 in the News
As of today we offer the option again to use any domain contracted through another supplier with It must only select €˜To use an external domain€™ in the main menu and to follow the simple instructions. Once the formed domain, will be able to be used with our services as, e-mails, Google Apps, etc. To use an external domain€¦
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How to write an efficient massive mail?

By Johan the 27 Julio 2015 in the News
An art sent of massive post office can be everything, and so that you have success you can follow some basic rules: Assure to you to use the suitable tools to send your post office. He is very simple with the system of AdvanceDigg, with which you could be sure that correctly it has been sent. A mail writes suitably. If you write a mail that is boring nobody goes it to read€¦
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All limitless one, I do not create

By Johan the 16 Julio 2015 in the News
If these looking for a lodging of webpages shared, but surely are that you do not have any problem to find it. In fact you will find infinity of companies of lodging of webpages that offer all the limitless options by very low price. Space in limitless disc, limitless traffic, all limitless one! Does This sound truth rather well? But it is not truth, the space in€¦
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USD only registers your .COM by $9

By Johan the 14 Julio 2015 in the News
USD only registers your .COM by $9
Up to 31 of 2015 July USD (~$135 MXN) by a year only registers your $9 domain .COM to. In addition we gave 4 accounts to you of mail x 250MEGABYTE FREE to use with your new domain .COM. You do not let pass this opportunity and registers your name or project with .COM. You can use your new domain .COM with: 1. Your Site 2. AdvanceDigg FTP hosting. 3. Any other Hosting/We €¦
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