How to add a connection to another page?

In many websites you can find a fraction of text with interesting content and soon a button To see more which will take you to a new page where will be the complete article. In this tutorial we will indicate as taking it to you to end.

Please it follows the instructions next:

1. It publishes some of your pages

2. The text enters

3. It gives click on the option To create button 

4. Properties of the button you will enter TO SEE MAS for name and text.

5. It gives click in the green button To accept

6. It presses the button To insert/to publish hyperbond

7. It follows the instructions€¦

  • If I tie is to a page of you yourself site you will have to choose the option internal Page.
  • It enters I tie of the page to where redirigirás your users
  • It gives click in the green button To accept 

Ready you have created a button To see but with connection.