As to form its account of mail in Gmail? (Recommended for PC)

In order to form your account of professional mail in your client of Gmail mail you will have to carefully follow each one of the instructions that next we mentioned.

1: It initiates session in Gmail

2: It selects the button with gear form

3: It selects to the button configuration

4: It selects to the button Accounts and import.

5: It selects button To add an account of mail POP3 of your property.

6: It follows the instructions€¦

  1. Email address enters
  2. She selects following button

7: She follows the instructions€¦

  1. In user name it enters email address that she wishes to tie.
  2. Password enters.
  3. Servant MGP enters
  4. In port it selects I number 110.
  5. It selects the areas (optional).
    •   In order to recover e-mail messages it always uses a safe connection SSL.
    •   To assign a label to the incoming messages.
           6. It selects button To add an account.

    8:  It follows the instructions

    1. It selects If, desire to be able to send e-mails as.
    2. It selects following Step.

    9: It follows the instructions

    1. A name (example enters: Juan Perez)
    2. He selects to button following Step

    10: He follows the instructions

    1. Servant smtp enters
    2. In the name of user email address enters who wishes to tie.
    3. Password enters.
    4. It enters I number of Puerto 587.
    5. It selects safe Connection TLS.
    6. It selects button Agto water account.

    11: To enter its inbox of the e-mail that this forming in gmail, will receive a mail with a key.

         1: To enter key.
         2: To select button to verify.

    One you see these steps are taken to end will be able to visualize its professional e-mail from the interface of Gmail.