How to create a website free?

First you must count on an account in AdvanceDigg. If it is not thus, please register to you: If you already have an account, please it enters:

Once entered, you will see your board where we asked to you that you wish to do today.

1. It gives click to the green button To create website:

2. The group of your affability chooses.

3. The domain name enters free that you wish to use for your website (without www and extension).

4. It gives click in the following button.

They appear 3 plans of lodging Web, chooses the plan that better adapts to your needs. In this case for the creation of a website free, the option in black color chooses that says Free. 

5. To give click in the gray button To choose plan.

6. In the stage To add domain (s) professional (it is) and gives click in the blue button to omit step.

7. In the stage to add corporative post office it gives click on the button to create website.

Ready now you have created a website, podras to make all the necessary modifications from the publisher