How to write an efficient massive mail?

By Johan the 27 Julio 2015 in the News
An art sent of massive post office can be everything, and so that you have success you can follow some basic rules:

Assure to you to use the suitable tools to send your post office.
He is very simple with the system of AdvanceDigg, with which you could be sure that correctly it has been sent.

A mail writes suitably.
If you write a mail that is boring nobody goes it to read. He remembers that your subscribers so are perhaps not interested in your product and your you must them cause that they are interested with your mail.

  • You do not send post office with a very great image, this one is a technique very common in the post office nonwished and your mail will go away automatically to the tray of post office nonwished.

  • It writes an attractive mail and it adds an image so that it attracts still more.

  • If you add the image, assure to you that it is seen well in cellular; since, much people read of this form her post office.

  • Also assure you to add leagues to your Webpage where people can read more on your product and can order your product in line.

  • A subject where it causes that writes people want to open the mail that you sent and she does not mark it as mail nonwished.

  • It tries to offer something in your mail free; also you can mention great a discount, and pon this in the title of the mail.

  • Brief, you do not try to put too much text content in the mail; it speaks of a product, and a promotion.

It creates a listing of post office adapted for the product that you offer.
Assure to you that your subscribers want to read your post office. The shipment of post office to subscribers that does not have interest in your product is not nothing effective (it sees the following article)

It is important that you understand how the filters of mail nonwished work.
The majority of your subscribers, but surely is that they use an account of hotmail, gmail or yahoo, these suppliers of gratuitous electronic mails determine if your mail is not wished, scanning your mail and reviewing how the users interact with your post office. It is important that you consider the following thing:

  • The e-mail suppliers (google, yahoo, hotmail) do not show images in your mail automatically. Your subscribers would have to press in a league so that the image appears; this means, that the majority of the reading ones only sees an empty mail itself you add an image.

  • It adds leagues in your post office so that people can interact with your mail (more people enter interacts less post office will be sent to mail nonwished)

  • Sufficient content writes in this one mail.

  • When you add a league in your mail assures to you that this one is with your own domain, for example: (you free do not put leagues to services of lodging or facebook)

  • You do not use too much language of marketing.

The filters of wished mail do not work with a system of points; it enters more rules you do not fulfill, but points you obtain in your mail.

It understands your statistics.
We raked how many people have opened your mail based on a small invisible image who we added automatically to the mail; this means that the real number of people who have read your mail is much more high. The percentage of subscribers who normally read the post office is from 10% to the 20%.
Clicks is tracked through leagues who you add in your post office, if you do not add any league in your mail, would not have no click; again, one appraises normal of number of clicks would have to be between 2% to 5%. Any number arrives means that you are doing a good work, and a percentage more down means that you must work more in your post office.

Assure to you that you have a listing of clean post office.
AdvanceDigg will be in charge of this by you. We automatically remove the accounts of electronic mail that do not exist, and added a league €œto terminate €œ, also we monitored the complaints of mail nonwished; therefore, if somebody brand your mail as wished we do not remove it of your list of post office.
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