How to register a domain name?

The first step to register a domain name is to determine the domain of first level (TLD) and the name of second level that wishes to register in that domain.

The domain names have two parts: the characters that follow the last point in the domain name and the characters that follow it.

The part that follows the last point is called domain of first level (TLD) or extension.

The part that is to the left of the point is called domain of second level or labels. This is the part of the domain name that the usuary ones generally associate with their website or email address.

Meetings, the sections €œpaginate€ and €œ.mx€ of the direction €œ€ forms the domain name.

Once determined the domain that wishes to buy, it follows these steps:

  1. It verifies that the domain name that wishes to acquire is available. In order to come to the verification of the availability of the domain name, please it enters, it provides in the form his domain and itches to the green button Search.
  2. If the domain is available, a red button To add to the cart will appear for being able to add its domain to the cart. If he is not available, it can see if other extensions are available or will have to change the domain name.
  3. Once the name of domain added to its cart, click to the red button To see cart.
  4. Make sure that its domain is well in the cart and that the domain name is correct, without lack (once bought I cannot be changed).
  5. Of click in the Following red button to follow with its order.
  6. The purchase of a domain requires data as its complete name, mailing dress, phone number. By the same, in the following stage, it must to us provide this information. Once filling the form, of click in the green button To continue.
  7. It arrives at the last step to buy his order: the payment. We offer several methods of payments so it will be able to give click in the method that better agrees to him.