As to report payment and to ask for invoice by your contracted products?

It will have to send a request through system of request of invoicing in within the first 12 hours in which I am realised its payment to obtain a Mexican invoice.

The invoice request only applies for users who selected to method of HSBC payment deposit/transference or payment in Oxxo and at the time of selecting some of those methods selected in system which if they wished invoice.

It follows the instructions next€¦ 

1. It initiates session in

2. It gives click in the following connection Been of orders

3. It gives click in the section To pay Order.

4. It selects To report Payment.

5. It selects to choose file and it loads your comrprobante of payment.

Note: It reviews that the proof of payment is the clear and legible sufuciente.

6. It selects To report Payment.

Reference will appear to you a message doing €œyour request ah sent€.

Necessary Sera you wait some hours in which we generated your invoice and we sent it by email to you.