How to raise a video from YouTube your website?

In order to place a video in your website in some page in specific you must take to end the following instructions.

This tutorial will be divided in 2 parts.

Part 1: To enter to the Source code HTML of the page where we will raise the video.

Part 2: To obtain code-I tie of video that we will raise our website.


1: It enters your publisher of websites MEX.TL

2: It selects the page in that you wish to insert the video and gives click in the button to publish 

3: In the Contained section of the page to give click in Source HTML

4: The source code would be qualified HTML.

Within the zone marked in green we will have to stick a video code that we will be engaged in of YouTube



5: To enter to YouTube and to select the video

6: Next it will have to take to end a series of steps

      1: It selects button to share.    

      2: It selects button To insert I tie.

      3: It copies the code that appears to him.

4: It inserts the code in the zone of source code HTML
(In the shaded part blue we can visualize the code that we brought already of Youtube copied in the source code HTML)

5: It selects the button to keep changes.


6: Next it is possible to be directed to his website and it will be able to see the video inserted in his website.