To form mail in Gmail (for Android)

In order to form its account of enterprise mail in the application of gmail available for devices android please follows the instructions next:

  1. It selects the application of Gmail from your device. 
  2. It selects to icon configuration.
  3. It selects to icon adjustments.
  4. It selects to add account.
  5. It selects another one.
  6. It adds its email address.
  7. It selects to configuration manual.
  8. It selects personnel IMAP.
  9. It adds password.
  10. It selects following.
  11. It adds entrance servant (
  12. It selects following.
  13. It adds exit servant (
  14. It selects following
  15. It selects following.

Ready, your account of mail has been formed in the Gmail application for movable devices, now podras to send and to receive notifications from your telephone.