To form mail in Outlook from movable application (Android)

In this article we will describe in detail as to form its account of professional mail from the application of Outlook for movable devices.

Next we described step by step as the configuration takes to end.

1: To give click in the application of Outlook

2: To give to click in the button Introduction

3: To give click in button To omit. (It is optional east step).

4: To give click in button IMAP

5: To enter the following information in screen

  1. Email address.
  2. Password.
  3. Name to show (Example: Juan Perez).
  4. Description (Example: Work).
  5. To give click in button to show to configuration outpost of the account.

6: Configuration outpost of the account
  1. Name of host IMAP (To enter
  2. Name of user IMAP (To enter email address).
  3. Password IMAP (To enter mail password electronic).
  4. Name of host smtp (To enter
  5. Name of usuary smtp (To enter email address).
  6. Password smtp (To enter e-mail password).
  7. To give click in accepting (It is a dove that is in the right part superior of the screen).

7: Ready its e-mail ah updated from the movable application of Outlook