To form mail in Outlook online

This configuration is of extreme help when you wish to tie an account of enterprise mail to your account of mail created from Outlook/Hotmail from any navigator.

It follows the instructions next to tie his account of enterprise mail to Outlook/Hotmail

1. It initiates session in the following connection To initiate Outlook session.

2. In the right part superior of their screen would be the following icons, please of click in the icon configuration with gear form.

3. It selects to the option connected Accounts.

4. It selects €œOther accounts of e-mail€.

It connects the e-mail account

5. It adds the name to show (Example: Juan Perez).

6. He adds your enterprise email address.

7. He adds email address password.

8. He selects the square €œTo create a folder for the imported e-mail, with subfolders as in the account that is connected€.

9. He selects the square €œTo manually form the options of the account (MGP, IMAP or only of shipment)€.

10. He gives click in Accepting.

11. He selects to the square €œConfiguration of connection of IMAP or smtp€

12. He gives click in Accepting.

13. In the name of user he adds your email address again.

14. He adds password of your account of enterprise e-mail.

15. He selects the square €œCreates a folder for the imported e-mail, with subfolders as in the account that he connects€.

16. In incoming servant IMAP he adds €œ€

17. He selects port of incoming servant 993.

18. The authentication must indicate basic.

19. It selects coding SSL.

20. It selects square €œTo send e-mail with the servant of the supplier (the adressee will not be able to see his direction of Outlook)€.

21. In salient servant smtp it adds €œ€

22. It selects port of salient servant 587.

23. Of click in Accepting.

24. Of click again in Accepting.

Ready now your account of mail this ligature to Outlook.