To form Post office in Outlook

It follows the instructions to form his account of enterprise mail in Outlook.
1. It gives click in File.

2. It gives click in To add Account.

3. It selects the option of 
Configuration Manual.  

4. It selects button Siguiente. 

5. It will select MGP or IMAP.

6. It selects Following button.


7.  Its name: Here Example goes the Name of the User (: Juan Perez).

8.  Direction of the E-mail: The Mail that wants to form.

9.  Type of Account: They will appear to him 2 options IMAP and MGP or POP3 (which is the same). 

In order to know what is the one that wants to use can enter to the following one I tie That is Better, IMAP or POP3?

10.  Servant of Incoming Mail:

11.  Servant of Salient Mail: 

12.  Name of User: The Mail that wants to form.

13.  Password: The Password of the Mail that wants to form. 

14. It selects But configurations.

15. It selects to eyelash €œServant of exit€

16. My servant of exit smtp verifies square €œrequires authentication€.

17. He selects the option €œTo initiate Session Using€.

18. Name of user: Email address enters.

19. Password: Password of the mail enters.

20. It selects to eyelash outposts.

21. In entrance servant (IMAP) it adds port €œ143€ (in some devices sera necessary to enter port 993).

22. It selects based connection SSL.

23. In exit servant (SMTO) it adds port €œ587€ (in some devices sera necessary to enter port 465).

24. It selects based connection TLS.

25. It selects button to accept.

Note:It would be begun to verify the configuration of the account would in the end be 2 doves that they indicated that the configuration was a success.

26. It selects button to close.

27. It selects to finalize.

Ready, your account of mail ah formed in Outlook.