To form parked domain

Just you have contracted a domain and the information of your website is not when you enter to the Web, on the contrary appear to you a legend that indicates that your domain is parked, that indicates that not yet your domain is tie to your website, this happens when you did not tie your domain to your website at the time of the purchase.


To tie your professional domain to your website is extremely easy you only must follow the instructions next.

1. It initiates session in
2. Of click in my domains.

3. It selects to form.

4. It selects To use website.

5. It gives click in selecting (if not yet accounts with a website give click in creating website and automatically your new website would league together to your domain).

Congratulations there are tie your website to your domain.

Note: It is important to wait a pair of hours in which the DNS of your domain finish propagating in all the servers around the world, after it you will be able to visualize your website.