To copy blocks between pages and to add them to Favorites

By Johan the 29 Sep 2016 in Publishing
Tired to personalize similar blocks from zero for each page of your website? Now the created blocks can be copied very instantaneously from a page to another one, and be used €” aggregates to the Favorites for a fast access.

To copy blocks from a page towards another one

Recently we published the function to duplicate widgets and blocks, but another legitimate question arose, €œOnce the content added to the block and its done configuration, how it is possible to be copied in another page€ Today we are happy for announcing to them that the answer is available! Beam use of the new function To copy that it is located in the edition menu of the block:


The block chooses that requires to copy, gives click in the corresponding icon in the menu of configuration of the block and chooses the page where you wish to copy it. It will be copied of instantaneous way at the beginning of the specified page. The last stage consists of positioning the block dragging it and loosen it in the wished place.


Favorite blocks

In addition to the simple copy, another new tool was added to simplify your work with the blocks €” To add to Favorites. In the same way that the function presented previously, this function is located in the menu of configuration of the block. It only gives click in the icon stars and the block will be kept in your section of Favorites from where you will be able at any time to add it to any page of your website.


From now on, when you need a ready block or with a collection widgets, reviews or a price list, you will be able to add it to a page so easy as if outside a block or widget to regulate.


To create a website does not have to be a frightful task. Happy creation of website!
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