To create e-mail account

In order to be able to form an e-mail account it follows the instructions.

1. It initiates session in AdvanceDigg

2. It gives click in administering post office (if not yet you have accounts you must click in It acquires post office already).

3. It gives to click the button to create

4. It adds Name of the person in charge of that account of mail


5. It adds password


Note: In this section the system would throw a password to you by defect, if you wish to change the password by different a system would solicit to you to enter a safe password.

A safe password consists of the following requirements:

  • At least 12 characters
  • At least 2 small letters
  • At least 2 capital letters
  • At least 2 numbers 
  • At least 2 special characters, you can choose between these characters   #$%^ () \ - _+ \ {};: .
An example of a serious safe password the following one  #paginaMX2016#

6. User name chooses


Note: The user name sera the first part that was of your email address, example: [email protected]

7. The domain chooses that you tied to your e-mail (This step is only for users with but of a domain in its account).


8. It selects To create e-mail account.


9. One you see your account of mail ah created you can initiate session entering the following connection

Ready your account of mail ah created.