Domain .COM.MX in promotion: 4 e-mails free

Only $15,00 USD

USD registers your domain .COM.MX by $15,00 and we free gave 4 accounts of mail x 1,000MEGABYTE/Price to you by 1 year - $247 MXN

More about .COM.MX€¦

For which reasons of registering a domain .COM.MX? Lee more about the pros and cons.

The .com extension means €œcommercial€ and .mx €œMexico€, reason why this extension is designed for businesses located in Mexico.

The main advantage to contract to a .com domain .mx is that the finders as Google and Yahoo automatically index these domains in their data bases of Mexico. Another advantage and a point that there is to take into account are that often when one looks for €œonly pages of Mexico€ the .com domains they do not appear in the results and .com .mx yes. Nevertheless, the opposed thing happens when one looks for example in Google Europe or the United States, often .com .mx do not appear in the results. It is for that reason that there is to select the domain correctly, following the objective market at which one wants to arrive.

This domain is ideal for companies whose market is mainly in Mexico.

TLD .com .mx

Terms and conditions of the promotion

  • Limit of domains does not exist to register.
  • It only applies for new registries of names of .com domain .mx.
  • It does not apply in renovations.
  • Applicable tariffs only by 1 year of registry.
  • 4 e-mails, each of 1,000MEGABYTE, free by a term of 1 month. To the month, they will have to renew the e-mails at the cost of effective renovation then or they will be possible to be cancelled.