To publish email address

The accounts of enterprise mail can be published for example if your email address is [email protected] this can be modified by [email protected], in that cases is advisable to publish the email address.

   - You wish to change your email address by a different one.

   - The person who used that account of mail ah left the company.

   - You were mistaken at the time of creating your account of mail and added an incorrect direction.

In order to publish your account of mail you will have to erase the one that at the moment you must and return to create the account, follows the instructions next.

1. It initiates session in

2. It gives click in administering post office.

3. It gives click in button but (one is next to the button to renew).

4. It gives click in erasing.

5. It gives click in erasing definitively.

6. Ready you have erased your account of mail, now you will only have to create it again, follows the instructions in the following connection to create your account of mail.  To create account of mail in Pagina.MX