To eliminate commentaries realised by visitors in your website.

If you have qualified the commentaries in your webpage any visitor will be able to think on your page, as well as to make constructive opinions with the aim of offering a feedback you on your website, nevertheless also you run the risk of reading offensive commentaries realised by visitors.

Example of commentary:

In order to eliminate one or several commentaries that are not of your affability in your website please follow the instructions.

1. It enters classic publisher.

2. It selects to button Pages.

Note: From Some movable devices as cellular tablets or to select to the option Pages first you must click the button Menu.

3. It identifies in what of the pages created in your website the commentaries were echos.

4. It gives click on I number of commentaries realised in your page.

5. It selects icon to eliminate on each commentary that is not of your affability.

Ready you have eliminated commentaries.