To improve your plan of lodging

If you wish to eliminate the publicity of your website or to add additional functions that the lodging free does not offer as adding you favicon, statistics or to insert language HTML to your website you will have to improve your premium or professional lodging to.

It follows the indications to improve your plan of lodging.

1. It initiates session in  

2. It gives click in my websites.

3. It gives click in Forming (from the website to which you improved the lodging).

4. It gives click in Improving plan.

5. It gives click in Choosing plan (on the lodging that but pleases to you).

6. You would observe your product in the cart of purchases, Gives click in coming to the payment.

7. Elije payment method.

Ready you have generated an order to improve your lodging of free to Premium or Professional, you do not forget to report your payment to [email protected]