To modify password of accounts of professional mail

It is of extreme importance of changing the password when the following scenes appear.

       - Some of his collaborators or you have forgotten the password his (s) counts (s) of mail (s).

       - The password seems difficult to him to remember and prefers to change it by a simple password but.

       - It wishes that some of its collaborators no longer has access to its account of mail because no longer they toiled together.

       - It prefers to elevate the security of his account of mail for that reason it would create a safe password but.

Note: When modifying its password is important that it remembers that each account of mail must have a safe password, which must fulfill certain requirements:

  1. At least 12 characters
  2. At least 2 capital letters
  3. At least 2 small letters
  4. At least 2 numbers
  5. At least 2 special characters ($ #/())

An example of a safe password can be following #paginaMX2016# which fulfills all the established parameters.

It follows the instructions to modify the password of some of his accounts ligatures to his professional domain.

  1. Click initiates session in to initiate session here

  2. It gives click in my post office.

  3. Of click in button More

  4. Of click in Modifying.

  5. It adds new password (In this window also you can change the user name).

  6. It gives click in Publishing the e-mail account.

Ready, the password for your account of e-mail ah modified.