Customized page 404, blocks animated and marking of map

By Johan the 21 Sep 2016 in Publishing
What has again in AdvanceDigg? We are happy for announcing that we finished to them publishing new functions and improvements in the creator of website, already available for all the users. Now you can personalize your page 404, animate the blocks and label multiple directions in the map.

Page 404

Although you work hard to assure you that each bond takes to a certain page or of your website, always exists the possibility of providing an incorrect bond by error or that a user spells bad a URL. What happens then? A message of standard error. Probably not it better way to communicate with your clients. Nevertheless, with that update, you will be able to personalize page €œ404 Page nonfound€ to your pleasure. Bonds? Images? Your own text? All those possibilities are offered now.

In order to find this new function, it sees the section of Pages and selects Pages on watch. Soon it chooses 404, gives click in the icon of the block to open the edition options.



3 designs already formed are to your disposition. A color or an image can be chosen to personalize the bottom of the block. Also you will be able to form the title and the text. Naturally you will have the option to insert bonds within the text.


Animation of blocks

The second function is to improve the visualization of the blocks adding an animation effect. When sailing by Internet, surely you have seen websites and landing pages with content cheering up, expanding and vanishing. You can benefit already from all these effects.

In order to activate the animations, it sees the section Design, it gives to click in the right switch under the title Animation. Also the pages can be formed where they will be activated the animations thanks to the icon .


The chosen pages now will be animated and more attractive when moving in them.

More markers for the map!

The third improvement was added at the request of our users. Now widget Map allows to add more of a marker. If you have multiple offices, branches or simply you need to label two or more places €” this update is only for you.

In order to find this function, it opens the configuration of widget, gives click in Adding marker and it provides the required information. The map will concentrate of automatic way to show all the labeled directions. Altogether, you can add up to 10 markers.


The function is supported by Google Maps and Bing Maps.
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