POP3 or IMAP Which to choose?

When you form the program for your mail you can choose between two different options: IMAP or POP3.

In AdvanceDigg we handled the 2 configurations but, we suggested to you you use IMAP and next we explained to you because

  1. IMAP allows you to enter your mail of different devices; that is to say, at the same time to review your mail of smartphone and a computer, POP3 does not allow this.
  2. IMAP keeps your mail in a servant;  for example, if your computer is disturbed or they rob it to you you do not lose your post office.
  3. Endorsements: in AdvanceDigg it will make endorsements of your mail in our servant, with POP3 you must do it you yourself.
  4. IMAP is a more modern protocol.
  5. IMAP does not occupy as much space in your computer or cellular and it does not keep local post office.

Then, is POP3 bad?

Not really, in these cases POP3 it is only the best option:

  1. You only review your mail in a computer.
  2. Beams endorsements of your daily computer.
  3. Your connection of Internet is very bad and you remain very without followed Internet.
  4. You must have access to your mail, even if you remained without Internet.