Why I can't send massive post office?

The massive shipments of any type are prohibited through service of AdvanceDigg post office. The suppliers of Internet collect complaints of Spam based on the servant who sends the mail, not it person, then if your massive shipment brings about a Spam complaint, you will be preventing who all the users of AdvanceDigg send to their individual correspondents.

Before you say, €œBut my message is not Spam! €, you have some messages here that have been reported as Spam in the past:

   - Information of the hall classes sent by the mothers of the group.

   - Medical updates to the ill and familiar friendly of ill and familiar friendly.

   - Request of orations.

   - Bulletins of missionaries at work who are doing abroad.

   - Christmas cards with photos.

Clearly, no of these messages is Spam, in essence no of them tries to sell a product, however, all of them were massive shipments, envoys to a list of people CCed or BCCed. Therefore, there are no exceptions in this policy, and we do not provide information about our limit with salient messages.

If you need to send massive post office, please he uses an external service that is dedicated to this. Next we give some options you:

   - MailChimp (http://mailchimp.com/)

   - Benchmark (http://www.benchmarkemail.com/es)