Why does its competition sell more than you?

By Johan the 11 Julio 2016 in Misc
The secret reason for which its competition sells more than you
One of the most common desencantos for the people, is to see that a company this using gratuitous mail as @hotmail.com

To use its account of mail @gmail.com to communicate with its client will cause probably the lost one of the same.

You can be expected an answer from an account of @yahoo.com when an e-mail to its mother or her friendly writes, but definitively not when she is a serious company.

Would You take in serious a mail of a bank if she came from a @hotmail account? Clear that no, so why would their clients have to take him in serious when she sends a mail to them from [email protected]? They will not do it.

In the same way its account of mail can promote its websites. The clients read from where the post office come, so do you want to promote hotmail.com or sunegocio.com?

In order to obtain his professional accounts of mail, he does not require to be Einstein. By $8,00 MXN to the month you only can have his own account of email corporative, easy to form and accessible in all sides.

He forms his corporative mail already!
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