Why to use AdvanceDigg?

Because AdvanceDigg offers many benefits to you€¦

Competitive prices

Our objective is to offer plans you of hosting the best prices of the market. We as much offer plans of hosting for SMEs as for great businesses. We will adapt to your needs.

To register official

AdvanceDigg is to register of credited official domain. We register the domain to your name thus you are the legal proprietor of the domain.

Powerful servers with high availability

We do not sobresell our services and we made sure that your website will be loaded fast. Our equipment will watch your website and it will make sure to maintain it constantly available.


We understand that each situation is different. In AdvanceDigg your domain can be formed as you wish it. Our simple tools allow to change you of hosting, supplier of post office or to make any other adjustment in your Control Panel.

Methods of payment and invoices

AdvanceDigg is located in Mexico. We offer payment by credit card, debit card, bank deposit, electronic transference, by Oxxo or Western Union. In addition you we can generate an invoice if you require it.

Safe datacenters

Our datacenters are located in the USA Use backbones of high performance to ensure the speed and the availability our services. All our servers lean back newspaper, use redundancy RAID and current of endorsement to support the good continuous operation our services.


Our equipment of support will respond all the questions that you could have about our services. We have an equipment of support of level 2 counting with 7 years of experience in hosting to solve the problems more complicated than you could face.

Years of experience

AdvanceDigg (previously known as Mex.tl) offers services of hosting of quality from 2009.

If you have questions/doubts, you do not doubt in contacting to us.

€¦ and an ample range of services

Next you will find a list of the services that we offer at the moment:

Publisher of Mex.tl website

click creates your website in only some. Knowledge in programming are not required.

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it raises your website or it installs of fast and simple way WordPress, PrestaShop or any of 200+ others scripts of website.

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Corporative e-mails

our service of dedicated mail allows you to have totally safe corporative e-mails to a reasonable price.

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it buys your domain to economic price. Ten a total control to use your domain as you wish it.

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If you have questions/doubts, you do not doubt in contacting to us.

Where we were located?

Capmega Computer Solutions S.A.S of H.P.