What is the lodging Web?

The lodging or lodging Web (in English: Web hosting) is the service that provides to the users with Internet a system to be able to store information, images, video, or any accessible content via Web. It is an analogy of €œlodging or lodging in hotels or rooms€ where one occupies a specific place, in this case the analogy lodging Web or lodging of webpages, talks about more specifically to the place that occupies a webpage, website, system, e-mail, archives etc. in Internet or in a servant who generally provides with accomodations several applications or webpages.

It is possible to be defined as €œa place for your webpage or e-mails€, although this definition simplifies of conceptual way the fact that the lodging Web is in fact space in Internet for practically any type of information, is archives, systems, e-mails, videos etc.