What is a domain name?

Each computer in the public network of Internet has a unique numerical direction (similar to the exclusive feature of the phone numbers) that consists of a chain of numbers that to the majority of the people is to them difficult to remember. This chain denominates €œdirection IP€. IP means €œIP€.

In order to facilitate the search of a location determined in Internet, the System of names of domain or DNS was created. The DNS translates direction IP in a alphanumeric direction only call domain name, that is easier to remember. If, for example, it wishes to visit the website of AdvanceDigg, it would prefer to remember direction IP or to enter €œwww.advancedigg.com€? When associating a well-known chain of letters (the domain name) with a direction IP, the DNS causes that it is much more easy for the user of Internet to remember websites and email addresses. In the previous example, the section €œadvancedigg.com€ of the direction is the domain name. The section €œwww.€ it indicates the navigator to him who is looking for that name of domain in the interface of Internet.

The domain names can also be used to send e-mail. Or that sends personal communications or of businesses, it wants to be sure that the message will arrive at the wished adressee. If we used an analogy with the telephone system, when the marking a number, sounds the telephone in a location in particular because there is a plan of central numeration that guarantees that each phone number is unique.

The DNS works similarly. As much the domain name as direction IP behind this one is unique. The DNS allows that its e-mail arrives at the adressee wished ([email protected], for example) and not to another person with a name of similar domain. Also it allows him to enter €œwww.advancedigg.com€, without having to write an extensive direction IP to arrive at the correct website. Without this unicity, as much the DNS as the telephone system would be less predictable and reliable.

The domain name can remain intact even though the website moves to another equipment or servant host because it is possible to be indicated to the DNS that ties a name of existing domain to a new direction IP. It is just like it happens when a company or a family moves to another location; the name of the family or the company remains intact, even if it changes the direction.