It renews your I dominate or you can lose it

By Johan the 28 Julio 2016 in Misc
These are some erroneous concepts on domains that you would have of knowing:

My Domain belongs to me for being my brand
No, it is not it, the domain belongs to him to that buys it, if your you forget to renew it, somebody but it can buy it and it would belong to him to that person.

I can leave the renovation of my domain for later?
No, the domains are not as your account of telephone, if it forgets to you to renew it, you could lose it at least 3 months. After those 3 months you can return to also buy your domain but any person. Companies exist that buy these types of domains the second day that are available. They make this to be able to sell it to a greater price.

It would be well buying another domain?
No, it does not agree to you to buy another domain since the positioning of your Webpage, is of the expired domain. Your new domain will not have the same positioning as the previous one. Furthermore you would have to change your email address, business cards, Serious etc. a disaster.

Better sprout my domain in the last minute?
When you renew a domain we add a year to him to the date of victory of its domain. Therefore it does not matter if you renew it 6 pulls before the date of expiraciòn or in one week. It has the same effect.

Assure not forgetting your I dominate to you, renews it before you can lose it.

It initiates session and it reviews if you must renew your domains!
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