Are Your employees using Gmail/Hotmail?

By Johan the 17 Nov 2015 in the News
Gmail/Hotmail is excellent services, free offers much space in disc and that of way. The businessmen use them very followed for their business. Unfortunately they do not realize negative effect that can generate that practice for its company.

First, the image of its company.
To use a service of e-mail free for a business denotes generally for the clients a lack of seriousness and professionalism taking to little confidence towards that company.

The clients could think:

1. He does not reach to him to this company to buy a domain and accounts of mail,
2. This company does not know as to obtain domain and accounts of mail indicating a technological delay,
3. This company did not integrate Internet to its economic model.

Secondly, the gratuitous email address belongs to the person who created it.
If the labor relation with the employee is finished, it will pass the same with that email address. Any control is not had. The clients could continue to communicate simply with ex--using because he still handles that account of mail.

Next, we offer 2 products that will solve those problems:

  • He creates e-mails with your own name of domain.

  • He continues using the same interface of Gmail that you know from always.

  • He enjoys much space in hard disk.

  • He discovers numerous applications, as Google Docs, Drive, etc.

  • Ten under control all accounts of e-mail.

  • It creates e-mails with your own name of domain.

  • It consults your post office from a Webmail or any device.

  • Contract the adapted disc space more to your needs.

  • Ten under control all accounts of e-mail.

  • It much more takes advantage of an economic solution that Google Apps itself you need e-mails.

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