Terms of use

You can also consult our policy of privacy.


  1. A person who registers herself in AdvanceDigg is met as a User.
  2. The websites of Mex.tl are created webpages using a website creator that offers AdvanceDigg.
  3. AdvanceDigg reserves the right to complement, to extend, to change, to discontinue or to improve offered services, in particular when such measures improve the technological standard of the services or where sub groups that offer these services change their contract with AdvanceDigg, or are considered necessary to prevent abuse. Such modifications can take to changes in the appearance of the websites of Mex.tl. The Supplier on watch will only make these modifications if they are reasonable and acceptable for the user of AdvanceDigg or if their implementations are required by the law.
  4. All the gratuitous services offered by AdvanceDigg can at any time be discontinued. In that case the User will not be authorized to ask for the continuation of this one type on watch.
  5. AdvanceDigg reserves the right to make use of the services of third parties in served.
  6. The offered services are exclusively for people greater to 14 years.

Creator of Mex.tl website

  1. A gratuitous website of Mex.tl is established by the package of gratuitous lodging. To buy a domain or some other service does not affect the package of lodging.
  2. The gratuitous websites of Mex.tl contain commercials. The User of AdvanceDigg is not authorized to eliminate or to hide any announcement.
  3. The websites of Mex.tl of users of AdvanceDigg are published under a subdomain (for example: subdominio.mex.tl).
  4. Under no circumstance the websites of Mex.tl would have to be loaded in iframe or similar technique.


  1. In case the user does not initiate session in his account of AdvanceDigg within 180 days, AdvanceDigg can eliminate its gratuitous Mex.tl websites and their contents permanently and block all access to AdvanceDigg by the User.
  2. The user has the responsibility to make sure that her email address is active and she reviews herself frequently.
  3. If the usuary brand e-mails of AdvanceDigg as mail trash, AdvanceDigg reserves the right of not sending more notifications of no type to this user, including notifications of services that can expire.
  4. The User is responsible by any content proportionate or kept by him in our servers. AdvanceDigg is not under the obligation to inspect the websites of the Users with respect to violations of the law.
  5. The User commits himself not to take actions that can infringe or violate the rights of third parties (including rights of the people) when it uses the services of AdvanceDigg.
  6. The User commits himself to respect all the pertinent legal requirements to the provision of data of the supplier or any equivalent legislation in the use country.
  7. The User confirms that all the proportionate personal data are true and complete. The User by this means is in agreement with the registry and electronic storage of his data on the part of AdvanceDigg. AdvanceDigg will not transfer the data to third parties to less than than it is specified in the privacy policy or when the User is specifically in agreement with this. The User commits himself to maintain his up-to-date data. In order to avoid nonauthorized abuse by third parties, the User is under the obligation to maintain his data of confidential beginning of session.


  1. The domains are bought at the moment that we have confirmation to have received a payment. If in this period the domain no longer is available the user has right to a reimbursement in his purse.
  2. AdvanceDigg does not take any responsibility reason why it happens to him to a domain when it expires.
  3. It is responsibility of the user to make sure that their services are renewed in time.
  4. It is responsibility of the user to make sure to fill and to maintain personal information of the registrante of the domain.
  5. When a domain is being transferred, AdvanceDigg could require that the user verifies his identity to prevent fraud.
  6. It is responsibility of the user to make sure that the name of the domain asked for by the user correctly is written. AdvanceDigg does not make reimbursement by bought names of domain.
  7. AdvanceDigg will register all the names of domains asked for by the user except there is some technical difficulty that does this impossible one.

General lodging

  1. At no moment the user has allowed to place illegal content in his websites lodged by AdvanceDigg, independent of which service of lodging they use. AdvanceDigg reserves the right to block/to eliminate any website that violates our terms and conditions. This includes but it is not limited:
    1. Content that attempts against a person, group or organization.
    2. Material registered with Rights of Author without license.
    3. Hackear and crackear content.
    4. Strong content.
    5. Related content to arms.
    6. Content that allows dishonest behavior.
    7. Illegal content.
    8. Child pornography.
    9. Connection to websites that could violate our terms and conditions.
  2. AdvanceDigg is not responsible by any blockade for IP, restricted domain, imposed limitations of traffic in the services of AdvanceDigg by the Internet supplier on watch of the user.


  1. The user is responsible to make sure that their websites/scripts are and they are not a risk for the lodging surroundings.
  2. AdvanceDigg is not responsible by a website/script damaged that has been updated automatically to prevent problems with security.
  3. CPanel for shipments of massive post office of any type is not authorized to use its account.
  4. AdvanceDigg has the right to block or to restrict resources to any account cPanel that is using an unusual amount of resources. As well as by intentional codes bad written or scripts that affects the suitable operation of other websites in the servant.


  1. The user does not have allowed to send massive e-mails from any e-mail provided with accomodations by AdvanceDigg.
  2. Massive shipment is the act to send an e-mail with the name or content similar to a great amount (more than 50) of email addresses independent of the type of content.
  3. AdvanceDigg has the right to block the access to the servant of mail of any IP or account of e-mail if they cause an unusual amount of connections, traffic or use of resources in the servant of e-mail of AdvanceDigg.
  4. The user is responsible to maintain a free atmosphere of virus and malicious programs in any device or computer where they wish to consult his accounts of e-mail provided with accomodations by AdvanceDigg.
  5. The user is responsible to make sure that the end users of the e-mail accounts are informed and accept the terms and conditions of AdvanceDigg

Deficiency of operation

  1. AdvanceDigg will strive in making sure that the services are available and work suitably all along. However, the User recognizes that for technical reasons as well as due to the dependency of AdvanceDigg of external factors for example: networks of telecommunications the uninterrupted availability of the services cannot be guaranteed. Therefore the User cannot demand permanent access to the services. The restricted accesses of temporary nature will not constitute reasons for reclamations for guarantees nor either right to an extraordinary conclusion. In addition to the possible restrictions of access due to circumstances that go beyond the control of AdvanceDigg, AdvanceDigg also reserves the right to impose complete temporary restrictions of access and/or, particularly when the service is temporarily deshabilitado for the intention to make technical improvements or to eliminate errors and defects. AdvanceDigg reserves the right to temporarily block the access to its services by the intention to make technical improvements.

Recovery of domain

  1. AdvanceDigg will deliver its greater attack to recover a domain, despite the service of recovery of domain is not guaranteed.
  2. AdvanceDigg does not guarantee a determined time in which a domain can be recovered.
  3. In order to recover a domain, at the time of that one is again available, to the user it is required to him to pay for the domain in his purse of AdvanceDigg.
  4. It is responsibility of the user to add more bottoms to his purse when the price of the domain increases (for example when a promotion finalizes).
  5. One requires the user to him to update the details of the registry of the domain at the moment that the domain has been recovered.

Program of affiliates

  1. The terms and conditions for the program of affiliates separately need to be accepted when the user applies in it.

Duration and conclusion of the contract, descontinuación of services, reimbursement of payments in advance

  1. AdvanceDigg can finalize some and all the services with the user without notification when the user is violating the terms and services.
  2. AdvanceDigg reserves the right to finalize services with the user when the same or its content is causing bad publicity or is affecting negatively to AdvanceDigg.
  3. If for some AdvanceDigg reason it needs to reimburse a payment will become by defect in the purse of the User. The reimbursements to some other means can incur costs to the user.
  4. AdvanceDigg will only reimburse when it is vindicated.
  5. When finalizing the services of the user, AdvanceDigg can erase any information related to these services. This includes endorsements.

Methods of payment and invoices

  1. Some offered methods of payment in AdvanceDigg are in American dollars and are phelp in Webmerica LLC. AdvanceDigg cannot provide Mexican invoices by these payments since they become to a American company in dollars.
  2. AdvanceDigg is not responsible by any loss of domains or other servers/data due to the delays in the payment processes.
  3. In case of contracargo, AdvanceDigg has the right to block All the services of the user until contracargo is solved.
  4. The user can solve contracargo communicating with his supplier of payment and asking that reverts contracargo. Once the bottoms have been released to AdvanceDigg contracargo will be accepted as resolute. If the user is in incapacity to revoke it, he will be requested to him to deposit the amount of contracargo added to a payment of 400 pesos Mexican by administrative positions to the account of the bank of AdvanceDigg.
  5. In order to obtain a Mexican invoice, the user will have to send a request through form adapted before the countable closing of the month of this purchase.
  6. The renewed products of automatic way cannot be reimbursed.
  7. AdvanceDigg will inform to the by email electronic user when their products are on the verge of renewing of automatic way. Nevertheless AdvanceDigg cannot be considered as responsible by the lack for delivery of these post office of notification by third parties.


  1. Any responsibility on the part of AdvanceDigg by loss of information of the User or by nonauthorized access to personal data of users by third parties (for example: hackers) are excluded.
  2. AdvanceDigg cannot either be considered by the evil use responsible for third parties of data and information put at the disposal of them by the own Users.
  3. AdvanceDigg will not be responsible by any activity or content published by the Users.
  4. AdvanceDigg cannot be considered responsible by damages derived from the bad operation of the systems of the AdvanceDigg.
  5. Any responsibility on the part of AdvanceDigg or suppliers affiliates will be limited the equivalent amount of the annual payment of a user.

Protection of data

  1. AdvanceDigg will collect, process and use personal information concerning the users. For more information with respect to the policy and data processing of data of AdvanceDigg, it visits our declaration of privacy.
  2. The User is to as much the fact that from the technical point of view AdvanceDigg he is able to see any information kept in the servers of AdvanceDigg and of which there is a theoretical possibility that nonauthorized access by third parties to the data of the User of AdvanceDigg can be had when the same by Internet is being transmitted.

Final provisions

  1. These TCG and the contracts will be governed by the laws of the Republic of Mexico. This also will apply in case the User registers himself from another country. The jurisdiction place is the location of the registered office of AdvanceDigg