To transfer website to another account in AdvanceDigg

To transfer a website to another account or user of is extremely simple is recommended to do it in the following cases.

  • You have several websites in different accounts and wish to administer them from a single.
  • You will yield the administration to him from the website to another person.

Note: This function this available with websites only created with the classic publisher.

In order to transfer your website to another account please it follows the instructions.

1. It initiates session in

2. It selects My websites.

2.5 Da click in administering websites (step 2,5 only applies for users with websites classic

3. It selects To form.

4. It selects button But.

5. It selects To transfer website.

Note: In order to transfer a website to a new account of first you will have to separate your professional domain of your website, happens to break ties a domain please enters the following connection To break ties domain

6. The email address of the account enters to that you shed your website.

7. She adds the password of the account that at the moment you have open.

8. She gives click in transferring website.

Ready your transferred website to a new account in

Note: The transference of websites this available for websites only created with the classic publisher, the websites can only be transferred to other accounts created in