To use external domain in

This configuration is recommendable in the following cases:

   - You finish buying a domain and you wish to use it in another platform.

   - You finish transferring your domain to another company and wish to use it in a different platform.

In order to use a domain lodged in other companies with the websites created with our publisher follows the instructions next.

1. It forms the DNS of your domain to NS1.AdvanceDigg and NS2.AdvanceDigg, if you do not know since to do ask for it to your supplier.

2. It initiates session in

3. It enters the following connection to use external domain with

4. It provides the domain name that you have with your other supplier.

5. It selects to verify servers DNS.

Note: Would be a message that it indicates to you that your domain already is imagined to be used in AdvanceDigg

6. enters the following connection to connect domain to website.

7. It selects to use website.

8. It gives click in button to select.

Ready your external domain has been bound to your website

Note: In order to be able to bind to your external domain to a website it is of extreme importance that your website counts on a premium or professional plan at the time of the connection otherwise sera possible not to tie your domain.

If you wish to contract a lodging for your website follows the instructions in the following connection to improve your plan