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By Johan 11 October 2016 in Publishing
Summer 2016 has been one season very occupied here in AdvanceDigg: some powerful multiple and exciting updates accompanied by new functions were published. In order to finish the summer with a positive note, we are happy for sending the last function of the station €” the version of the website for the disabled lines of vision.

We were very kind to your feedback and implemented this function in agreement with your suggestions. First of all, to have an accessible website for the disabled lines of vision will assure to direct you to you to a ampler hearing of users and to let grow your base of clients. Also, of an ethical point of view, he is the correct thing that to do. The disabled lines of vision safely will value to your efforts and their nearer relatives without a doubt will notice your care.

Aside from commercial and ethical the reasons, he could be that this version of the website is required by the laws of your country and that not to fulfill these certain standards of design it is in legal actions in your con. For example, from 2011, all the websites in the USA must be accessible to the people with incapacity. This does not apply to the businesses of the private sector, nevertheless strongly is recommended.

The version for disabled lines of vision is located in the section Design of the website creator. There, you can form the color of the strip of the floating bar so the alignment of the interrupting button.


The button to change to the version for disabled lines of vision will be in the part superior of your published website. The menu with the configurations of the version for disabled lines of vision remains always in the part superior and it does not interfere with the vertical displacement.


With that activated version, the visitors of your website can define the size of letter independently, choose the scheme of colors of the group and show/to hide the images.


He is everything so far. We are anxious to listen to its ideas and suggestions!
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