To tie website to Google Search Console

In order to tie his website to Google Search Console it is necessary to count on a tie professional domain to his website, also is important to have an account of registered Gmail.

1.Inicia session in search console (they use an email address created in Gmail), you can do it entering the following connection Search Console.

2. It selects to add a property.

3. It adds name of your website.
4. It selects to add.

5. It selects alternative methods.

6. It selects Supplier of domain names.

7. It selects to the supplier or recorder of your domain.

8. It selects others.

9. It copies the TXT registry that was in screen.
10. It initiates session in
11. It enters the following connection.
12. It selects to form.

13. It selects to + Action.

14. It selects to publish registries DNS.