To tie website with Ecwid store

If you wish to use the store of Ecwid in your website follows the instructions next.

1. Register to you in

2. It gives click in Starte Site.

3. It copies the digits that will be in the URL granted by ecwid (in this example the digits are 15233687).

4. enters the publisher.

5. It drags widget lies down Ecwid to your website.

6. It selects to connect account.

7. In YOU GO of the store it sticks the code that you copied of Ecwid (it see step 3) and gives click in button to connect.

Ready now your website already this tie ones to the store of Ecwid.

Note: The service of Ecwid is external and this available one free with only limits maximum of 10 products, if you have doubts with respect to the use of the tools of necessary Ecwid sera you contact direct with its technical support.